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Welcome to Mindful Monstera! I’m Sarah, a night-shift nurse. When I’m not in scrubs, you’ll find me pursuing my passions: capturing moments through photography, tending to my growing plant collection, indulging in show binges, and exploring new destinations with every ounce of my accrued PTO. While I’ve been dabbling in the world of blogging for a while, the concept of Mindful Monstera blossomed in April 2020. My blogging journey began in 2017, but it took a turn in 2018 when I discovered Squarespace and created my first actively-visited blog. In 2020, I decided to return to WordPress, unveiling a new domain and a fresh start.

I’ve been delving into CSS to enhance the blog’s aesthetics, adding little touches here and there. I hope you enjoy the subtle details!

Welcome to my corner of the internet!