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New Christmas Gift Ideas For Nurses Under $100

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Home » Lifestyle » New Christmas Gift Ideas For Nurses Under $100
christmas gift ideas for nurses
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Hi there! Welcome to Mindful Monstera. So as a nurse myself I have compiled a list of items that I either currently have, would like to have, or would have like to have in nursing school. I hope you find these gift ideas for nurses to be helpful. These are all very practical gifts that I believe would be great for any healthcare professional and not necessarily nurses but nonetheless I have put together this this to help you narrow down your search to help you find a gift that your friend, family member, coworker, significant other in the healthcare field will appreciate! So let’s get too it shall we?

Stethoscope Holder

If theres one thing a healthcare worker needs its a stethoscope holder. This is a practical gift idea that carries a lot benefit. As healthcare workers we need lots of pockets to put things in. I have always found myself with overfilled pockets and when you add a stethoscope to that it means when i pull my stethoscope out of my pockets stuff my be falling out. So to combat this having a stethoscope hold just makes it easier. It’s out of the way, easy to access and doesn’t need to be in a pocket!

Emergency Cutting Shears with Holster

Cutting shears are important and yes these are expensive but for my bestie that works in the ED this is what she has and what some the emergency department doctors also have. A must have especially if you work in the emergency department, (emergency medical service) ems, or flights! Even if you don’t work in those departments you can always benefit for having cutting shear around because you never know when you might need them. Shop the cutting shears here!

Stethoscope Case

This is more of a nice to have instead of necessary but organization for the win!. Stethoscope cases help keep your stethoscope nice and you always will have a place to put it instead of it just laying around collecting dust when you aren’t at work. Shop the stethoscope case here! They come it multiple different colors:)

Compression Socks

Your nurse or healthcare worker in your life spends a lot of time on their feet. You know thought 12 hour shifts can really add up after awhile. When I started nursing school I did not wear compression socks but by the end of nursing school I was wearing them. I notice they do make a difference in how you feel by the end of your shifts. Your legs and feet are in less pain. Now i believe it’s important to invest in quality compression socks for nurses and healthcare workers. So, I have linked my favorite brand for nurses and healthcare works. Honestly this is a great gift idea for nurses and other healthcare professionals. I have two brand that I love are sockwell. I own sockwell womens linked here and these as well. For mens i’d go with these sockwell mens linked here.

Fanny Pack

Again healthcare workers can never have enough pockets. Having a fanny pack isn’t something everyone wants but for the ones that have mentioned them. A fanny pack offers extra pocket space for flushes and whatever else a nurse or healthcare worker might be carrying around during the shift. Shop the fanny pack here.

A Spa Day

Nurses and other healthcare professions work hard for their money! I love a good spa day whether is a massage, facial, or both. It’s definitely something work looking into. This is an absolutely lovely gift idea for nurses.

Badge Reel

Simple cute affordable and a great stocking stuffer idea. Shop the badge reel here.

Badge Reel Minis Pens/Sharpie

This is a great gift idea for nurses, nursing students, and other healthcare works. We also need pens and sharpies. Having pens and sharpies attached to a nurses badge reel means it’s not gonna get lost and it’s always gonna be in arms reach if needed. It’s a great stocking stuffer. Colorful sharpies are linked here.

Foot Massager

Okay okay i fibbed this produce is over $100. At the time of posting this it is on sale for $129. Look I said it before and i’ll say it again nurses and other healthcare works are on their feet A LOT. Being able to come home and relax while having an in home foot massage would be amazing. This is truly a wonderful gift ideas for nurses. It’s on the pricey side but it’s truly a great invest meant. Nurses need to be taking care of themselves and being able to care for your feet is a nice way to do that. Shop the foot massager here.

Gravity Weighted Blanket

Nurses work long hours! And sleep is so important! For night shifter or day shifts sleep should be a priority. Weighted blanket have been shown to improve sleep and with a job as demanding as nursing we really need to be on our sleep game. This is the weighted blanket I am familiar with and they one that I recommend. It is the cooling gravity weighted blanket so it’s great for hot sleepers. The main thing with weighted blankets is they are weight based so if you’re seriously considering this gift for nurses know an approximate weight would be helpful. I have linked articles here and here talking about the benefits of weighted blankets! Product found here.

Eye Sleeping Mask

This one is pretty simple especially if your on night shift like me. I have a couple different options that I think are great! The first one is just a simple satin eye mask. The next eye mask has 3D molded cups so there is no pressure directly on your eyes and better yet blackout which is essential for a night shifter. Both of these have adjustable straps.

Reusable Sandwich Bags for Lunch

Okay this a big one for me. Most nurses back lunch which could require a lot of waste from plastic bags. So, i’m links a high quality reusable sandwich bags to prevent waste. Dishwasher and microwave safe!

neck massager

I mean this is truly a good gift for anyone buy any self care gift is a great gift idea for anyone but sometimes you need a little more self care after a long shift. neck massagers are a great way to start your post shift relaxation!

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I will be adding to the list as things come to mind! I hope you loved these gift ideas for nurses.

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christmas gift ideas for nurses
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