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What are Turkish Towels – Luxury Bathroom

What are Turkish Towels – Luxury Bathroom

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If you have an interest in Turkish Towels I put together a little guide that will help you decide if these towels are right for you. It includes how to care for a Turkish towel, ways to use a one, where to find one, and what makes them Special. I hope you find this post informative.

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Why are Turkish Towels Unique?

Turkish towels are also known as “Peshtemals” towels, “Hammam” towels, or “Fouta” towels. Turkish towels are special because they use special premium cotton that is only grown in the Turkish region. Turkish cotton has extra-long fibers that help the towel absorb more, dry faster, and become softer overtime. These towels are hand-loomed and handcrafted. It’s an art piece.

How to Care for a Turkish Towel?

When you first receive your Turkish towel you MUST soak it for  12 hours and then you can wash it. This prepares the fibers and will help the cotton receive maximum absorbency.

Once you have soaked your Turkish towel overnight. You will need to wash it in cold water with a little soap. NO bleach. NO softener. For the best results, I recommend line drying. Otherwise, you risk shrinking the cotton. I do not recommend putting your Turkish Towel in the dryer. They are considered fast drying and will not take long to dry.

Uses of Turkish Towels?

Turkish towels can be used as beach towels, bath towels, scarves, and more. I find Turkish towels are great for drying hair since there isn’t a lot of tug compared to regular bath towels. If you’re traveling and don’t have a lot of space consider bringing a Turkish towel. These towels are lightweight and take up less space than your traditional towel, therefore making it a great travel accessory. 

Turkish towels are one of my staples for interior design. They offer a welcoming feel in any room. Turkish towels can be found in the bathroom used as a towel, in the living room used as a blanket, or maybe in the kitchen as a hand towel.

Where Can I Find a Turkish Towel?

There are plenty of reputable sellers out there just be sure to do your research before you buy. Check out Brooklinen for your Turkish Towels needs.

Key concepts:

  • Hand-loomed
  • quick drying
  • versatile
  • Interior decorating


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