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Eucalyptus in the Shower: How to and Why? (Video)

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Welcome to Mindful Monstera! I blog about things i’m interested/use in my daily life! And, I have a fun idea for you today. Let’s add eucalyptus in the shower! I’m going to cover the hows and whys of adding eucalyptus in the home! If the eucalyptus in the shower isn’t your thing you can use it in other ways! I love incorporating nature into my home. It adds a calming element to my space and helps me to feel grounded and connected to the earth.

Eucalyptus Overview

Eucalyptus grows on trees and is originally from Australia. There are over 700 species of Eucalyptus around the world. The Blue Gum is the most common variety of Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus trees are tall! Depending on the species the eucalyptus can grow up to 300 feet in its natural habitat. I was seeing the majority of eucalyptus height ranges from 40-100 feet. The two most common eucalyptus tree species are black peppermint tree (E. salicifolia) and Tasmanian blue gum tree(E. globulus). Eucalyptus leaves are poisonous and the only animals that can survive off the tree are koalas, greater glider, and ringtail possums.

Eucalyptus plant
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Eucalyptus Benefits

If you’re like me you always want to know the benefits of using a product. Here’s what I found. According the Medical news today, eucalyptus has a variety of benefits and has been used for medical reasons throughout the centuries by different cultures. Here are the highlights.

Eucalyptus Healing Properties

So what exactly makes the eucalyptus plant special? The eucalyptus plant has properties such as flavonoids, volatile oils, and tannins. Flavonoids have properties that reduce inflammation, are antioxidants, and may other things. Here is a link to a 2016 study on flavonoids in the national library of medicine.

Creating Calm

Eucalyptus can create a sense of calm and gives you that spa like feel in your home!

Cold relief

Eucalyptus has properties which help relieve cold symptoms such as congestion. According the Mount Sinai eucalyptus oil can help relieve congestion by loosening the phlegm. Eucalyptus can also reduce the inflammation within the airways helps to relieve cold symptoms.

Pain relief

Suffering from pain? The eucalyptus tree can potentially be used as a pain relief method. It helps bring a warm and cold sensation to your aching body part. You can read more on webMD.

Insect repellent

The CDC stated that oil from the lemon eucalyptus can be used for an insect repellent. Read more at the CDC website!

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Is eucalyptus poisonous? Is eucalyptus safe for cats?

toxic to humans toxic to pets

DO NOT take eucalyptus oil by mouth unless your doctor tells you to. Ingesting eucalyptus oil can be dangerous.

People with asthma, seizures, liver disease, kidney disease, or low blood pressure should not use eucalyptus without first talking to their doctors. For more information visit Mount Sinai.

Warnings Children

Eucalyptus is not safe for children. For more information visit Mount Sinai.

How to add Eucalyptus in the Shower

How to add eucalyptus to the shower: watch me!

Step one: Buy Eucalyptus. I buy mine at trader joes for $4. Before I moved to the city no local shops had Eucalyptus so it had to be bought online.

Step two: Roll the eucalyptus with a rolling pin or similar. Rolling the eucalyptus helps release the oils.

  • TIP: roll the eucalyptus on a paper sheet. The oil is sticky, so for easier clean up roll the eucalyptus on something disposable. You can protect your hands by wearing gloves.

Step three: Cut off any parts you don’t want bad leaves etc. Cut and inch or two off the bottom of the stems.

Step four: Tie the eucalyptus together with some rope/twine. I have linked out to Amazon with a recommendation for twine.

Step five: Create a loop big enough to hang over your shower head. The eucalyptus should not be directly under the water!

  • TIP Important: The eucalyptus is meant to be steamed. The eucalyptus should not sit under the water stream as this can cause irritation. The eucalyptus oil is not meant to be swallowed.

Have fun with your Eucalyptus in the Shower!

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Other Ways to add Eucalyptus to your home

  • Add a couple stems to your flowers around the house
  • Tie a bundle together and hang it on your door

How long does Eucalyptus in the Shower Last (and out)

  • Depending on the freshness of the eucalyptus it can last anywhere from 1-4 weeks in the shower. Check the stems frequently and throw away all the bad stems as need. A good rule of thumb is if you can no longer smell the eucalyptus it’s time to replace it.
  • If you’re just placing the eucalyptus in a vase it can last around 3 weeks. Replace water as needed and trim the bottom of the stems to allow for water to be sucked up.

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